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Tools Of The Trade

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Tools Of The Trade One of the tools of the trade knowledge and perseverance. A dog will respond to training if the person training it has the knowledge and perseverance to make it happen. This kind of perseverance can be hard to come by, and it can be difficult to be patient. There is a lot of training that can be done simply by what nature has furnished. You can use your voice and your hands. However, […]

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A Well-Behaved Dog – Should Be A Happy Dog

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Well-behaved dog There is the tendency to believe that a well-behaved dog like a human has a political response to most things. Some believe that criminals are produced by an unhappy home life and poor upbringing. Comfort and discomfort are major influence’s that affect a persons development. You may be of that opinion or you may believe that some people are “just bad”. Dogs may be nicer and better behaved by nature. But, by the same token, […]

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Aggressive Dog Training – Don’t

Aggressive dog training

Aggressive Dog Training There is no need Aggressive dog training is not necessary. Dogs follow their instincts in their relationship with humans. They learn very quickly and only need a little coaching to get them to do what you want. Professional dog trainers have written thousands of articles and books about how to train you dog to do almost anything. I have never found one that promotes aggressive canine training and with good reason. It produces the […]

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Spoiling Your Dog – How Far Is Too Far?

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Spoiling Your Dog Most pet owners will confess, if asked, to the fact that they do spoil their dogs. Spoiling your dog comes in many forms, it may be treats, feeding or even cuddles. There is certainly no shame in this admission. In fact, most of us would agree that it gets right to the heart of the matter. Spoiling your pets is half the reason for having them in the first place. Of course, this refers […]

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What Is Problem Behavior?

behavior problems

Frustrated If you own a dog you have experienced some problem behavior. It is normal but can become very frustrating if you do not correct it. Many dog owners at one time or another become frustrated with their dog due to its behavior. There may be many reasons for this. It could be that the dog is destroying things through constant scratching and gnawing, or that it is going to the toilet in the house. It may […]

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The Instinct Of A Dog – And How To Train It

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Are simple animals Dogs function first on instinct than on training. In many ways, they are essentially simple animals. The typical pet dog will be free with its friendship if it is encouraged to do so. When left to its own devices and treated like a machine for entertainment, it will not be so keen to play favorites. Dogs respond to their pleasure stimulus more than anything. You can use this that you can train a happy, […]

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A Dog’s Faith And Loyalty Are Not Unquestioning

Aggressive dog training

Dumb animals A dog’s faith and loyalty have caused them to be labeled “dumb animals”. Dumb because they tend to be loyal to owners who treat them poorly. No one talks about how dumb the owners are who mistreat their dogs. Dogs are not in the least dumb. They are sometimes referred to as dumb because they can not talk to us in our language. They are quick to learn and can do many things that people […]

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How Your Dog Will Communicate With You

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Wish they could speak Your dog will communicate if you pay attention. They have their own language and if you work to understand them they will also try to understand you. So many people speak about their dogs in terms of how they wish they were. If you had a dollar for every time you had heard or said the words “If only he/she could talk, the stories we would hear…” you’d probably be a very rich […]

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Teaching My Dog New Tricks

teaching my dog new tricks

Challenges Teaching my dog new tricks is definitely a challenge. At the same time, it has been a world of fun for both the dog and myself. It has allowed a new bond to develop that will last as long as we are able to be together. Because of this experience, I would recommend it to any pet owner. Two types of training There are two distinct types of dog training. These are behavioral training, where you […]

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