COVID-19 And Your Dog

There are two questions I hear about COVID-19 and dogs. In these times, with many unknowns, we all want a little reassurance, and we want to learn the facts. I have included what information I have been able to find.

First: Can my dog get COVID-19

I am not a veterinarian. If I were, I would still have to research to see what information is available to answer that question. So what I am providing you is the knowledge I have gained and the sources so you can learn more.

In Julia Henriques’s article,  in Dogs Naturally Magazine, she shares with us that experts and health officials say that your dog can get COVID-19. At this time, there is no evidence that dogs can get or give it.

In the first place, the virus does not affect dogs.

Even though Chinas handling of the coronavirus has caused concerns about them acting responsibly, they have done a lot of research.

In one of their studies, about cats and dogs, they tried to infect dogs deliberately. The dogs seemed to be immune,  as well as most other farm animals. They did, however, find some cats and ferrets could be infected.

The CDC (Center For Disease Control) and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) have repeatedly told us that our dogs could not be infected with the virus.

So if you are one of those who are perhaps a little over-concerned about your dog’s health, you can rest a little easier.

Second: Can my dog infect me with COVID-19

The second concern is about the possibility that your dog could affect you.

I can understand this concern. With all the talk about distancing ourselves from others.  It is natural to consider that our dogs who or friendly with others, play outside, and may even be touched by others could bring infection to us.

The idea that they may bring the virus home on their fur has caused some people to try to disinfect their dogs with strong disinfectants. Some have even used bleach on their dogs.

Don’t do that! Disinfectants and especially bleach can be very harmful to your pet.

The CDC has not found any proof that dogs can carry coronavirus on their fur or skin.

The evidence is pretty conclusive when you consider that with millions of people infected, you would have seen thousands of pets infected as well.

It did not happen. Only two dogs tested positive, and they did not even get sick. So, COVID-19 and your dogs should not be a concern.

If you are still concerned and just want to be extra careful, you can wash your dog. You don’t need any strong chemicals, only shampoo, and water.

Since most of us are spending a lot more time at home, it is the perfect time to snuggle all you want. Your pet will love it, and it will help uplift your spirit.

In Conclusion

With the evidence that we should worry about COVID-19 and our dogs or how it might affect them. There is also, no reason to fear that your dog may infect you. Although this virus is dangerous it does spread from humans to humans, you do not need to be worried. Your dog is safe, and it is safe to love it.


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