Heroic Dogs – 5 Famous Ones

Heroic Dogs

There are many thousands of heroic dogs and my shortlist today is just an example of a few of their feats. Many books could be written if we were to try to list all of them.

Bomb Detection Dogs Treo And Lucca

Treo was a Labrador Retriever and an English Spaniel mix.  H was trained in the UK and then assigned to the handler who would work with Treo in the field.

Treo and his handler were deployed from the UK to Afghanistan in 2018. He was one of the 25 dogs that were deployed there.

He was assigned to his unit and went right to work looking for explosives. They would work along the roads and in villages where troops were investigating.

In August of that year, he sniffed out a so-called “daisy chain” (multiple explosives wired together). His action saved many lives.

In September, he found his second chain of explosives.

Both times, he saved many lives, not only soldiers but civilians as well.

Lucca was another bomb detection dog that lost a leg while protecting a group of Marines. Her detection skills saved many lives.

Many times we forget that the detection dogs risk their lives out in the open when searching for bombs. Every year there are those who are wounded or killed.


A soldier named Frank Williams saved an English pointer named Judy from a POW camp

Judy was something of an Indiana Jones. Among everything, she survived a few torpedo attacks and found freshwater for the soldiers. She was also able to alert them of hostile Japanese planes, protected them from river pirates, and much more.

In her adventures, she even got into fights with alligators and tigers. Last but not least, she became a prisoner of war, twice! When the war was over, she returned to Britain as a truly heroic dog. A war hero.

Sergeant Stubby

Stubby was a war hero of vast proportions. More likely, Stubby was a Boston Terrier or a Bull Terrier, but no one is completely sure of this.

His list of heroic deeds is truly extensive. Not only did he catch a German spy he also saved many soldiers from a gas attack. Stubby once survived a gas attack, and his nose became extremely sensitive to that type of danger. He was able to warn the soldiers of impending danger from gas.

His keen sense of smell allowed him to find many wounded soldiers so they could be saved. In his time of service, he served on the front line and was once even wounded by a German grenade.

Eventually, he became a true hero, meeting three of the US Presidents! Today he is remembered as one of the heroic pooches that truly made history.


Chips was a military dog, deployed to many countries, including Italy, France, Germany, Sicily, and North Africa.

In 1943 when Sicily was being invaded, Chips and his unit were caught in machinegun fire. He broke free, attacking the enemy, he pinned the machine gunners down allowing the American soldiers to capture them. He received many accolades for his bravery.


I write mostly about dogs being saved and what happens to them. Most of the stories have happy endings and we like that, but I don’t want to ignore the many dogs that have served humans for centuries.

There are truly heroic dogs in every war and let’s not forget all the service dogs that serve with our police and search and rescue units. They love to serve and they are quick to learn new tasks.


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