I’m Not Sure I Like Your Tone…

your tone
Your Tone Is Important

Keeping your tone consistent when working with dogs is important. Dogs like people pick up on tonal ques in your voice. You want to be relaxed and yet let your dogs know that you expect something from them.

Training your dog makes big demands on you as the owner. Your dog must know that you are in charge and that you expect them to pay attention to you. You do not want to confuse them with your voice.

We put a lot of effort to encourage our dogs to be well behaved. Each of us will decide which methods are best for us and our dog. However, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You can be certain that your dog will react in accordance with its personality to the stimuli you offer. Your voice is one of the most effective tools you have to keep your dog under control. Your dog gets used to your voice. It hears each little difference and reacts accordingly.

Dogs Like People

We learn to recognize the tone in other people’s voices. We are so good at it that many times we don’t even need to hear their words. Certain tones are used as a warning, another for praise and of course a cheerful tone. Your dog will also learn to recognize the different tones.

Because dogs can learn tones you can teach them to obey commands by a simple change in tone. The important thing when training your dog is to be consistent. Don’t say sit in one tone and the next time say sit in a differently.

Correct Tone

Use your natural voice when train. Don’t try to have a special voice just for commands. If you do you will need to always remember to use that same tone. You should speak naturally.

The dog will learn to recognize the way you say something as much as the actual command you use. It will be your tone that they will come to associate with good or bad behaviors.


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