Orphaned Puppies Get Adopted By Dog Who Lost Her Litter

Fate is described as a power that is beyond control. It is a predetermined future. No one can change what fate determines to happen. Many times, fate has played the fortunes of people and even animals. This is what some people believe intervened between Rosa and a litter of orphaned puppies.

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Rosa is a Chihuahua from a commercial breeder that lost her puppies due to premature birth. She was given to a shelter after her devastating loss. In a fortunate twist of fate, a litter of orphaned puppies who just lost their mother also arrived at the shelter within hours of Rosa’s arrival. Was this fate? Maybe.

A mother’s instincts

Call it whatever you want to call it, but the arrival of Rosa and the five 2-week-old puppies was a stroke of luck for workers in the shelter. They were hopeful that Rosa would take the litter under her care. While it may seem that it would be easy for them to be placed together, dog experts know that there have been many times that dogs would reject puppies from another dog. They all had doubts.

But because the pups desperately needed care, they placed the puppies near Rosa. In a flash, all their worries were gone. Rosa bonded with the babies in an instant. She nurtured and cared for them as if there were her own litters. Shelter volunteers also noticed that Rosa had a change in her demeanor.

When she first arrived at the shelter, Rosa was unresponsive to them. Though they tried to coax her out of her sadness, she was stoic and would most of the time would keep on her own. With the new orphaned puppies, she became a busy mother. She would clean them up and patiently nurse them.

Rosa’s fate was to be a mom, and here she is, with a new litter where she can let her maternal instincts flow. Its definitely sad that they lost someone special in their lives, but now they are together. A happy ending no matter what.

Source: KARE 11 via Youtube

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