Man’s Best Friend?

man's best friend should be trained

Fun or nightmare To get the most out of man’s best friend you have to take time to train them. Training your dog can be either a heck of a lot of fun or a consistent nightmare for any pet lover. It depends on a number of factors. Getting it right can, and usually will, take a lot of persistence. You will also have to have a great deal of patience too, even if your pet pooch […]

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It’s A Dog’s Life

it's a dog's life

Phrases we use There is a phrase used by many people. Generally, people who have little in their lives but their work and commitments at home, with little scope for fun. “It’s a dog’s life,” people will sometimes mutter when the stream of demands on their time simply will not stop. They mean that it is tiring, unrewarding, and punishing. That is the opposite of what most people would think first. They might tend to see a […]

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