Doggy Is Sick, Says Little Girl When She Sees A Sick Shelter Pittie. See What Happens Next.

Doggy is sick, needs help A sick dog caught this adorable little girl’s attention when she visited the local shelter with her mother. There were many dogs at the shelter, but for some reason, she noticed only one. The doggie was sick, smelled terrible, and didn’t have a name, but the little girl couldn’t care less. She pointed to the dog and said to her mother: “That one”! She told her to let the dog out of […]

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Pooch Was Anxious Of Everything Until Her Baby Brother Came Along

Pooch Was Anxious Due to the bad experiences they faced in the past, some dogs find it hard to trust again. Weezy is no stranger to this narrative as the pooch went through a lot before getting adopted by a loving family. The pooch showed signs of distress in everything she sees because it reminded her of her experiences in the past. According to Sarah Mavro, the pooch came from a hostile environment before she decided to […]

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Dog Rescued From Burning House Gives Thanks To The Firefighters Who Saved Her

Dog rescued from burning house Every firefighter knows that part of their job is risking their lives. These firefighters from Asheville, NC, sure imbibe this attitude after saving an eight-week-old puppy from a house fire. Mike Stageman, Joshua Adelle, Bentley Andres, and Zac Bass responded to a fire and saved the pooch named Hex. The firefighters were right in time as they were able to save Hex. But even after protecting the pooch, Hex still incurred severe […]

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What Is Problem Behavior?

behavior problems

Frustrated If you own a dog you have experienced some problem behavior. It is normal but can become very frustrating if you do not correct it. Many dog owners at one time or another become frustrated with their dog due to its behavior. There may be many reasons for this. It could be that the dog is destroying things through constant scratching and gnawing, or that it is going to the toilet in the house. It may […]

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Boy With Autism Takes His Pooch To The Finals Of The Crufts Dog Championship

Boy with autism Crufts Dog Championship is a popular event for dogs and their owners. It is where a dog’s agility and obedience are measured. Whoever has the fastest time is hailed the dog champion for a year. This competition is the biggest dog contest in the world. This is the reason why it is understandable that all dog lovers flock the venue when it is the day of the championship. Joel Sayer owns an assistance dog […]

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Pregnant Woman Refuses To Let Go Of Her Beloved Dogs

Refused to let go of her beloved dogs Couples Aditya Raheja and Sanjana Madappa are home to five lovely dogs. The couple became speechless when they received the news that Aditya is pregnant. It was a blessing that they have long wished. With a baby coming soon, the couple’s friends and neighbors advised them to get rid of their dogs because they might pose harm to Aditya’s pregnancy. While the couple understands that their neighbors and friends […]

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Pooch Rescued From Meat Farm Gets Her First Real Bed

Rescued from a Korean meat farm This dog named Harriet has been through a lot. The pooch got rescued from a Korean meat farm and was brought to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. But more than the physical traumas she faced, it was the emotional scars that made Harriet’s story one of a kind – in a sad way. When she was brought to her new home, the pooch could still not believe that she is […]

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What Is The Best Family Dog – Golden Retrievers?

Golden Retriever

The Best Family Dog Deciding what is the best family dog for your family is a very personal thing. Each family has a little different taste, and there are many different breeds to consider. The Golden Retriever has been in the top 5 choices for many years. In 2020 they are number 2 behind the Labrador Retriever. Any of the top breeds would be a great choice, and there is nothing wrong with liking one of the […]

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The Only French Bulldog Story You Need To Read

Ironically Ironically, the French Bulldog is Not French at all. Rather, the story is that it is originally from England. The French Bulldog was created to be a miniature bulldog in England. With a long history as a dog for companionship, the French Bulldog has accompanied lacemakers from England to France, where the French moniker originated. French Bulldogs are not just excellent show dogs but also ratters. Some claim that French Bulldogs are Terriers crossbred with Pugs. […]

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