Police Officer Adopts Dog He Found In Stolen Car

Andres never planned to adopt after his loss. It was never expected to turn out this way, this Police Officer adopts dog he found in a stolen car.

Losing a constant companion for more than a decade is heartbreaking. So much so that when Officer Andres Thomas lost his dog Melakai, he made a vow never to get another dog. He loved the dog so much that when he was just 18, he took the dog with him when he moved from Fresno to San Diego. But because of old age, Melakai bade goodbye to his beloved owner. The Yellow Labrador meant so much to Officer Thomas that he never thought that any dog would ever replace him.

When Andres met Victor

Andres Thomas applied as a police officer when he transferred to San Diego. He has been a cop for four years, patrolling the streets of the city’s Central Division, when he received an order to investigate a stolen vehicle. Officer Thomas went to the scene and found the car. No one was there, but when he peaked inside the vehicle, he saw a Yellow Lab sitting inside. The dog was abandoned at the back seat of the car.

Officer Thomas called the station and reported the result of his investigation. And as protocol, he brought the dog to the local Humane Society. There the dog will stay, and they will try to reconnect the dog to its owners if he has one. This was when Officer Thomas kept thinking about the dog. He called the Humane Society from time to time, keeping tabs on the dog’s progress.

yellow labrador retriever, dog, resting

After a few weeks, nobody was still claiming the dog. Realizing that its time for him to move on with the loss of Melakai, Officer Thomas went to the Humane Society and applied for adoption. He felt an instant connection to the dog and thought that maybe the scared and abandoned pooch needed him.

When his application pushed through, officer Thomas took the dog home with him and named him Victor.

When this Police Officer adopts the dog it changes everything. The two quickly bonded and have become best friends. Life is undoubtedly going to be much better and happier for both of them.

Source: CBS 17 via Youtube

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