Puppy With Sad Eyes Is Abandoned By A Corner, Left With Sign That Says It Needs A Home

Another fantastic trait to add to the long list of doggy virtues- resilience. How do dogs maintain a positive outlook despite rough situations? We think it’s because they take life one step at a time. Although abandoned by a corner this dog bounces back.

Abandoned by a Corner with a sign

This two-toned puppy sat alone abandoned by a corner, whimpering, and barking faintly. Someone left it alone with only a sign around its neck!

A passer-by did not have the heart to leave it by itself. Hey stranger, whoever you are, we thank you for your kindness and generosity. Sometimes, the best experiences happen with those we don’t know, so thank you, kind-hearted people!

abandoned by a corner

Who does that to a little puppy? The little one probably just needs its mama, and rightfully so! A kind stranger shows humanity, and the little doggy with sad eyes allows a human to hold it.

abandoned by a corner

A warm cuddle, a show of kindness, and a loving scratch can take all this little warrior’s worries away. Whoever left this two-toned baby does not deserve this puppy’s love!

This sweet little thing just sits there and trusts strangers to handle it. Ooohh, did that little chin rub feel good? There’s more of that, and it’ll last a lifetime!

Abandoned by a corner

You can tell the pup’s on its way to a brighter life when it wagged its tail. That’s dog language for giving thanks. Also, for “I like you,” you get what we mean.

Furry pets can’t talk, but they make up for it in the action department. Wagging tails, excited barks, licking and rubbing against a human, all express a gazillion emotion that runs in their hearts. This dog has come a long way from the sad eye pup abandoned by a corner.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll get to see one of the most precious gifts on earth- a puppy smiling. Only the purest hearts can do that after a not-so-ideal situation.

pup abandoned by a corner now has a smile

We’re sending our kind-hearted rescuers a warm hug! Your efforts will surely get rewarded in the doggo kingdom!

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Image and video credits to The Rescue Journey via YouTube

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