Rescued Pit Bull Finally Get To Live The Life She Deserves

Many people misunderstand Pit Bulls. One of the misconceptions about this dog is that it’s aggressive towards humans and other dogs. Due to the wrong information about Pit Bulls, some countries ban getting this kind of dog, or some families don’t want Pit Bulls in their homes.

Experts say

According to experts, it’s the environment, or how owners handle a dog influences a Pit Bull’s behavior. In the past, people mistreated Pit Bulls and used illegally as fighting dogs. When we use our dogs for the wrong reasons, they’ll undoubtedly lose trust and may become defensive by snapping or biting.

What most people don’t know is that Pit Bulls are excellent companions — affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. Pit Bulls like it when a family surrounds them because they love attention! Pit Bulls adore people and children, and when you give them the proper care, they won’t forget it. They’ll serve and protect you in any situation.

In a short video clip, you’ll see a rescued Pit Bull laying comfortably on her owner’s lap. It looks like this charming dog’s having the time of her life as she receives belly rubs! Look carefully in her eyes, and you’ll see an absolute sweetheart!

The dog just allows her owner to play around her arms, lift it, and scratch it. It’s fascinating to see such a big dog treated like a baby by a human.

Dog’s behavior

The dog’s behavior in the video proves to us that there’s a soft side behind the Pit Bull’s fierce look. It’s heart-warming to see that a dog whom we thought to be violent and harmful, is a very gentle and loving one.

No sound

There’s not a single sound of complaint, howl nor movement came out from the dog. When the master starts giving her a massage belly down, you can see the satisfied this is the life expression from this adorable dog. This rescued Pit Bull truly deserves this affection and comfort from her owner.

Source: Rumble Viral

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