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Heroic Dogs – 5 Famous Ones

Heroic Dogs There are many thousands of heroic dogs and my shortlist today is just an example of a few of their feats. Many books could be written if we were to try to list all of them. Bomb Detection Dogs Treo And Lucca Treo was a Labrador Retriever and an English Spaniel mix.  H was trained in the UK and then assigned to the handler who would work with Treo in the field. Treo and his […]

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Rex A Bomb Detection Dog Is Injured In A Fire Fight

Bomb Detection Dogs are being used all over the world today. Our army calls them Tactical Explosive Detective Dogs (TEDD). After training each dog is assigned to a handler that works with them in the field. They are constant companions and grow very attached. They depend on each other in the field. Henry and Rex are such a team Henry and Rex are a little different than some teams. They trained together and were shipped directly into […]

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