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Special Needs Pup Meets His Special Sister

Popcorn is a special needs puppy who arrived in Michigan to meet his new family. Popcorn knew that he was going to be with a good family. What he and his humans did not know was how perfect they were going to be for one another. Addy was born Tiffany shared with The Dodo that her daughter, Addy, was born with missing a part of both her right arm and hand. Popcorn happened to have the same […]

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Therapy Dog? – Born With Unusual Face This Dog Gets A Second Chance

What is a therapy dog? This question probably brings all kinds of pictures to your mind, but not of a dog like Picasso. Nobody wanted him Picasso survived against all the odds stacked against him. From the moment he’s born, nobody wanted him. He was given to a kill shelter, and if no one adopted him, he would likely be put to sleep. Picasso had a twisted jaw. His condition was likely caused by being pushed by […]

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