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Unusual Friendships? Meet Rosie, An Adorable Cat Who Thinks She Is A Dog, And Her 3 Husky Friends!

Rosie And Lilo You might have heard about all sorts of unusual friendships, but this one is extraordinary. This is not a regular cat and dog story! See for yourself. Rosie was a weak, malnourished kitten, who refused to drink milk. Her rescuers weren’t sure that she was going to make it. They almost gave up when they decided to try one last thing. They put Rosie together with Lilo. Lilo is a beautiful and friendly husky […]

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Dog Enjoys Being Groomed By Her Kitty Sibling

Dogs and Cats Most dogs are not fond of being anywhere near cats or let alone being groomed by one. However, one dog named Saltie is not just a regular dog because she could not get enough of being cleaned by her kitty sibling. Saltie loves nothing more than to be groomed by her cat brother, Lars. Saltie does not care if it is in their human mom’s bed, the couch, or even on the floor. Anywhere […]

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