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Orphan Giraffe Becomes Best Pals With Dog

Dogs have an instinct about protecting those who are in need. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the size of the one they are looking after is. All that matters is that these doggies recognize that they can give comfort and aid to those who require it. Protecting the orphaned giraffe When the wildlife rehabilitation center, The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa rescued a 2-day-old giraffe things began to happen. The Belgian Malinois in residence, […]

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Little Girl Is Afraid Of Vacuums – She Finds Comfort In Her Pet Husky

Little girl is afraid of vacuums and this is not uncommon. Little children can get scared by the loud noises that a running vacuum can make. The sound can be too much for their delicate ears. They do not know what it does and the sound can be pretty scary. In this video, you would see how a little girl got really scared of the vacuum while it was being used in their home. She was okay […]

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