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Purchased New Recliners – But They Were Stole

My recliner or theirs?

My first mistake It all started out so innocent. While setting in my Lazy Boy I would pick up one of my beautiful pups and hold it in my lap. Sometimes we would just take a nap together. No harm in that. Right? At first, the others would just play around at my feet. They were completely happy. I was enjoying the comfort of their presence. My home was my castle and I was in total control. […]

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It’s A Dog’s Life

it's a dog's life

Phrases we use There is a phrase used by many people. Generally, people who have little in their lives but their work and commitments at home, with little scope for fun. “It’s a dog’s life,” people will sometimes mutter when the stream of demands on their time simply will not stop. They mean that it is tiring, unrewarding, and punishing. That is the opposite of what most people would think first. They might tend to see a […]

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