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The Only French Bulldog Story You Need To Read

Ironically Ironically, the French Bulldog is Not French at all. Rather, the story is that it is originally from England. The French Bulldog was created to be a miniature bulldog in England. With a long history as a dog for companionship, the French Bulldog has accompanied lacemakers from England to France, where the French moniker originated. French Bulldogs are not just excellent show dogs but also ratters. Some claim that French Bulldogs are Terriers crossbred with Pugs. […]

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French Bulldog

There is a lot of debate about the true origins of the French Bulldog. Some people say this breed has lived in France for a very long time, and others say that it appeared at the end of the 18th century. There is the story that English lace workers tried to create their miniature version of the bulldog, crossbreeding it. When moving to France, they brought the breed with them. True origins remain a secret up to […]

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