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What Is The Best Family Dog – Golden Retrievers?

Golden Retriever

The Best Family Dog Deciding what is the best family dog for your family is a very personal thing. Each family has a little different taste, and there are many different breeds to consider. The Golden Retriever has been in the top 5 choices for many years. In 2020 they are number 2 behind the Labrador Retriever. Any of the top breeds would be a great choice, and there is nothing wrong with liking one of the […]

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Unusual friendships? Here are a golden retriever and his best friend Frankenstein.

The best of friends An Unusual Friendship These days it’s not unusual anymore to see cats and dogs getting along. People used to think that many cats and dogs fight, but today they are often good friends. Sometimes cats even befriend rats, hamsters, or mice in the household. But this friendship takes it to the next level. Pippin is a golden retriever with a permanent little shadow, following her anywhere she goes. A Guinea Pig called Frankenstein! […]

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Dog With A Facial Deformity Gets Adopted By The Best Mom Ever

Facial Deformity A dog named Beaux Tox or Beaux for short was born with a facial deformity that resulted from being squashed inside the womb by other puppies. The dog’s facial deformity meant that the breeders who owned him couldn’t make money out of him. People didn’t want to buy a dog with such features. So, the breeders simply gave him away for free. Beaux eventually ended living with a man who neglected him for five years. […]

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This Frightfully Obese Golden Retriever Gets Another Chance In Life

Should He Be Put To Sleep? His owners wanted to put this obese Golden Retriever to sleep, but luckily, Kai met his loving foster mom. He was neglected and just about to be put to sleep by his previous owners. Luckily, the vet saw that underneath that massive shield, there is a dog full of life. The vet introduced Kai to his new foster mom, who was ready to do anything to help him. He weighed 173 […]

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Golden Retriever – A Perfect Companion

Today, Golden Retriever is one of the most loved dog breeds. The breed originated in Great Britain in the 19. Century, particularly in the Scottish mountains. We mainly differentiate between English and American Golden Retrievers. English ones have a stronger constitution, and their hair is lighter and longer. American ones have longer legs and partially resemble some hunting breeds. Golden Retrievers are still used in hunting to retrieve geese, ducks, and other birds, They love swimming in […]

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