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Dogs Relieve Emotional Stress At Work

Emotional Stress affects millions Emotional stress at work affects a large percentage of Americans. Sadly it is not getting any better. The CDC reports that the number of Americans in a dangerously stressed job is from 29 to 40 percent. Much of this stress could be relieved by the presence of a well-trained dog.  Since stress causes health problems, this might be a solution to people missing work. With stress, it is more likely that a person […]

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Dog With A Facial Deformity Gets Adopted By The Best Mom Ever

Facial Deformity A dog named Beaux Tox or Beaux for short was born with a facial deformity that resulted from being squashed inside the womb by other puppies. The dog’s facial deformity meant that the breeders who owned him couldn’t make money out of him. People didn’t want to buy a dog with such features. So, the breeders simply gave him away for free. Beaux eventually ended living with a man who neglected him for five years. […]

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