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Labrador Retriever – The Number One Selection

Labrador Retrievers are great service dogs Labrador retrievers are intelligent and loyal dogs. They are often used as service or rescue dogs but are also much-loved family dogs in the USA, Europe, and many other parts of the world. They make great therapy and service dogs for the blind and disabled. Labradors are perfect for families with children and go along very well with other pets in the household. There are two different breeds of Labrador Retriever, […]

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Rex A Bomb Detection Dog Is Injured In A Fire Fight

Bomb Detection Dogs are being used all over the world today. Our army calls them Tactical Explosive Detective Dogs (TEDD). After training each dog is assigned to a handler that works with them in the field. They are constant companions and grow very attached. They depend on each other in the field. Henry and Rex are such a team Henry and Rex are a little different than some teams. They trained together and were shipped directly into […]

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