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What Is Problem Behavior?

behavior problems

Frustrated If you own a dog you have experienced some problem behavior. It is normal but can become very frustrating if you do not correct it. Many dog owners at one time or another become frustrated with their dog due to its behavior. There may be many reasons for this. It could be that the dog is destroying things through constant scratching and gnawing, or that it is going to the toilet in the house. It may […]

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I’m Not Sure I Like Your Tone…

your tone

Your Tone Is Important Keeping your tone consistent when working with dogs is important. Dogs like people pick up on tonal ques in your voice. You want to be relaxed and yet let your dogs know that you expect something from them. Training your dog makes big demands on you as the owner. Your dog must know that you are in charge and that you expect them to pay attention to you. You do not want to […]

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