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This policeman saved a pit bull from being chained out in the freezing wind and cold

Night Patrol This policeman was on patrol on a freezing winter night. It was -20 degrees, accompanied by freezing winds when this policeman saved a pit bull he saw chained to the porch. She was trapped and had nowhere to escape in these extreme conditions. Not only, somebody chained her to the porch, but he also noticed that she was extremely malnourished. He slowly approached her, giving her some treats, gradually taking her to the car. The […]

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Sick Pit Bull Living In Shelter Makes Friends With Two-Year-Old Girl

Most Challenging Pit bulls are among the most challenging types of dogs to get adopted from rescue shelters. This is because they are mislabeled as aggressive dogs that are unsuitable around children. So, imagine trying to get a dog adopted from a shelter if it’s a pit bull, and it’s also sick. Most people would turn a blind eye when they pass by a kennel with a sick pit bull. Unfortunately, the pit bull-type breeds are often […]

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This pitbull was rescued from dogfighting, and just before being put to sleep. Then something amazing happened.

Felon a pitbull GinaMarie was looking to adopt a dog from the shelter. She wanted to help a dog who needed to be adopted more than the other dogs. Gina found out that black dogs with cropped ears were less likely to be adopted, especially Pitbull type dogs. When she saw Felon on the animal shelter page, she immediately decided to adopt him. Felon was previously used in dogfighting and was just moments away from being put […]

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