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House Training Your Adult Dog – 4 Useful Tips

House training your adult dog – 4 useful tips Not every dog who is up for adoption is a puppy. People often decide to adopt an adult or even a senior dog. You might find it hard to believe, but many adult dogs are not house trained. Maybe the dog has lived outdoors, in a shelter, or an enclosure. It’s possible that the dog was never potty trained or maybe never got a chance to live indoors. […]

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Potty Training Your Puppy In The Winter – 6 Useful Tips

Winter potty training Potty training is an essential part of having a dog, and you don’t want to delay it for too long. You might get a puppy in colder months, even when it’s snowing outside. Does that mean it’s going to be impossible to potty train? The answer is no! Here are 6 useful tips to potty train your puppy in the winter. 1) Clean and prepare the area Don’t expect your puppy to dig a […]

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