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Can Dogs Learn? – Dog Learns How To Save Owner’s Life

Everyone knows that pet dogs care a lot about their owners, but can a dog learn to recognize when something is about to happen? They see them as their family and will do anything to protect them. One dog even learned how to protect his owner when she has seizures. Macayla Gardner was in an accident where a horse kicked her and knocked her to the ground. It resulted in her being unconscious for a couple of […]

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Disabilities In Dog Owners. How Can A Dog Help?

Disabilities and service dogs Disabilities in dog owners can illustrate how valuable their dogs are to them. Living with a disability can often lead to feelings of isolation, damaged self-confidence, and even depression. Many disabled people struggle with simple tasks. Getting dressed, crossing the street, or picking up the mail can be a real problem. There are different types of assistance dogs to help people with various disabilities. Service dogs are trained to help with everyday tasks […]

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A Dog’s Faith And Loyalty Are Not Unquestioning

Aggressive dog training

Dumb animals A dog’s faith and loyalty have caused them to be labeled “dumb animals”. Dumb because they tend to be loyal to owners who treat them poorly. No one talks about how dumb the owners are who mistreat their dogs. Dogs are not in the least dumb. They are sometimes referred to as dumb because they can not talk to us in our language. They are quick to learn and can do many things that people […]

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