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Sick Pit Bull Living In Shelter Makes Friends With Two-Year-Old Girl

Most Challenging Pit bulls are among the most challenging types of dogs to get adopted from rescue shelters. This is because they are mislabeled as aggressive dogs that are unsuitable around children. So, imagine trying to get a dog adopted from a shelter if it’s a pit bull, and it’s also sick. Most people would turn a blind eye when they pass by a kennel with a sick pit bull. Unfortunately, the pit bull-type breeds are often […]

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Cocker Spaniel Loves Being Part Of The Broadway Community

Cocker Spaniel On Broadway A New York City Broadway star shares the spotlight with her adorable cocker spaniel named Dublin. The Broadway actress describes Dublin as a bit of a drama queen and says the dog enjoys going to work with her. Lilli Cooper is a native New Yorker who got into Broadway acting at the age of sixteen. Lilli currently stars as Sandy Cheeks in the Broadway production of Spongebob, Squarepants. Every night, her cocker spaniel […]

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