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Dog That Was Skin And Bones Got Rescued – Look At How He Looks Now

Bali, Indonesia may seem to be quite a paradise. It has plenty of beautiful beaches and green areas that many people visit there each year. However, it is also home to quite a huge number of stray dogs. These dogs do not have enough to eat while living on the streets and so they are malnourished. Most of the people in Bali are Hindus. Their belief is that when they adopt dogs, they also help themselves move […]

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Vet Shows Dog That Doesn’t Trust Humans That People Can Be Trusted By Eating With Her Inside Her Kennel

Trust humans? Most stray and abandoned dogs do not trust humans. They do not want to be near humans and perhaps because many of them have been abused by people. Rescuers know this too well when they try to rescue dogs. Some dogs will fight not to get caught while others will cower in fear. But the good thing is, these rescuers do their best to help these dogs trust again. Dr. Andy Mathis works as a […]

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