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This Gentle Giant Didn’t Know If He Could Trust His Rescuers — Watch How They Melt His Heart

Could this gentle giant trust his rescuers? The golf course had been this dog’s home for quite some time. But then one person discovered that he’d squatting in the area and decided to take action. The same person spoke with a representative of the Hope For Paws organization, and they arranged for a rescue operation. The said organization was known for YouTube videos documenting its members’ rescue operations. It didn’t matter to them that they received calls […]

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Vet Shows Dog That Doesn’t Trust Humans That People Can Be Trusted By Eating With Her Inside Her Kennel

Trust humans? Most stray and abandoned dogs do not trust humans. They do not want to be near humans and perhaps because many of them have been abused by people. Rescuers know this too well when they try to rescue dogs. Some dogs will fight not to get caught while others will cower in fear. But the good thing is, these rescuers do their best to help these dogs trust again. Dr. Andy Mathis works as a […]

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