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Muzzles and Choke Collars Can Be Dangerous!

Muzzles and Choke Collars You should only use muzzles and choke collars when absolutely necessary. There are various kinds of collars displayed in pet stores. There are lots of different types and colors. However, if you have not owned a dog before, you are probably not aware that these collars have unique purposes. Before buying or choosing the desired collar for your dogs, take the time to read the following tips. Learn the right applications and safety […]

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6 Great Tips For Walking Your Dog

These 6 great tips for walking your dog will make your life much easier. Do you sometimes feel like your dog is taking you for a walk? Pulling, dragging, and running in his direction? What are you doing wrong, and how to correct it? We will give you 6 important tips on how to properly walk your dog. 1) Using a short leash Using a short leash will keep your best friend close to you, and give […]

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