Terrified Dog Runs To The Woods To Hide From Rescuers

Streets hard for dogs

Living in the streets is a hard life for dogs. Various sources of danger are around them all the time, so they have to always be on guard. The terrified dogs are always vigilant, and they have difficulties giving trust easily. That’s why when rescuers try to save them, their instinct is to either fight or run away.

Rescue workers

A pair of rescuers were riding in their car, traveling on a busy road when they spotted a stray dog walking alongside the streets. They stopped to help the dog even though they did not have many treats with them. Usually, they bring along food in a rescue to gain the trust of a dog. But this time, they didn’t have time to go get food as they may lose the pooch.

They get out of the car and try to get near the stray. Not wanting to startle the dog and cause it to run into the road or towards oncoming traffic. Walked slowly towards the terrified dog, it is still frightened and flees after it sees them coming near. They follow the dog and throws some trees towards it. The dog notices the food and stops.

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Probably Hungry

The dog was probably hungry, so it went near to them. It only allowed a few feet of distance between them. Every time they would try to go nearer, the dog would back off a bit. You could easily see that the pooch was scared of humans. After a few bites, it went into the woods to hide. The rescuers were relentless; they were determined to bring the dog back with them. They followed the dog into the woods and continued to talk to her gently, and giving it more treats.

Now that they were far from the noisy road, the dog seemed to relax. It lost its anxiety and fear and became brave enough to feed on the hand of its rescuers. Soon, it allowed itself to be touched and carried to their vehicle. They took the dog to the vet and had her checked out. Thankfully, aside from parasites and an eye infection, the dog was healthy.

They then decided to name her Tina and bring her to a foster home. There Tina became healthier and more sociable. She has learned to trust humans and play with them. She has become a happier dog and is now ready for adoption.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via Youtube

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