This Amazing Medical Service Dog Takes Great Care Of His Mom!

Meet Colt.

This amazing medical service dog named Colt helps his mom with many things.

We know that dogs are very clever and can be trained to do many things. However, some extraordinary medical service dogs truly can do a thing or two more. We have watched service dogs for the blind for many years but they can do so much more.

Colt is a service dog who takes care of his owner after she suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The injury left somewhat serious consequences, and she sometimes suffers from seizures or even faints. Colt detects upcoming seizures and alerts his mom. He can also tell when she is going to pass out and monitors her heartbeat.

He was also trained to apply deep pressure therapy and listens to her heartbeat when she is sleeping. When he needs to wake her up, he licks her hands and face.

But the list does not end here. Colt truly is a great helper and assistant for his mom. He also opens doors for her, turns lights on and off, and gets her medication. He knows how to help with chores, such as closing the fridge and oven and shopping for groceries.

You would be surprised to hear, that he also cleans after himself! “Now that is something I wish I could teach my dog.”

I am sure we can all agree that Colt is extraordinary. His owner finds him to be the best assistant that anyone could ask for!

Different Types Of Medical Service Dogs

Did you know there are many different service dogs, who can be trained for different conditions?

We have all heard about service dogs for blind people, people who use a wheelchair, and emotional support dogs. But dogs can also help people with Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis, people with Autism, Diabetes, or Epilepsy. This is just the beginning.

Dogs already make our lives so much better. They are great pets, but they are willing to be so much more. If you have something that is hard for you to do, you might think of a service dog for you. You might not need a fully trained service dog, but anyone could benefit from such a cute and helpful assistant.

Did you know that dogs and cats are also used in prisons, elderly homes, and many other institutions? In some prisons, inmates get to care for cats and dogs. Caring for a pet helps with their social rehabilitation and a sense of care. Truly one of the best ways to help anybody get back on their feet!

What is your take on this? Do you know of a friend or family member that you could share this information with? They may not have thought of this source of help. We would also be happy to hear what you think about this.



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