Unusual Friendships? Meet Rosie, An Adorable Cat Who Thinks She Is A Dog, And Her 3 Husky Friends!

Rosie And Lilo

You might have heard about all sorts of unusual friendships, but this one is extraordinary.

This is not a regular cat and dog story! See for yourself.

Rosie was a weak, malnourished kitten, who refused to drink milk. Her rescuers weren’t sure that she was going to make it.

They almost gave up when they decided to try one last thing. They put Rosie together with Lilo.

Lilo is a beautiful and friendly husky that has always been very good around kittens. Everything changed in a matter of hours.

Lilo pampered Rosie with love and played the role of her mother. Something amazing happened, Rosie started to drink milk from the bottle!

Since then, Rosie and Lilo are completely inseparable. They truly do everything together, from eating, playing, or just relaxing.

The rescue group had a policy of always finding a new home for stray kittens, and they weren’t allowed to keep Rosie. But Rosie and Lilo had an unusual friendship, that just couldn’t be broken. So they decided Rosie was there to stay.

The Pack Leader

Rosie quickly became an important part of the family and was introduced to the rest of the pack (two more Huskies named Infinity and Miko). But the good news didn’t stop there.

Her owners noticed that Rosie wanted to join her husky pack for adventures. They bought a harness for her and now she goes everywhere with them! Whether they go hiking, or on long car drives, Rosie and her huskies are always together.

In the process, Rosie became a husky/cat hybrid.

Because she spends most of the time with her Husky pack, she kind of became one of them. Rosie likes to chase her tail, swim, learned a few dog tricks, and also enjoys long car rides.

Not only that, but she also became a very cute “pack leader”, as all the huskies follow her everywhere and protect her at all times.

Rosie Now Helps To Save Others

Lilo was the one who became Rosie’s mother and later best friend. Now Rosie helps to bring up other sick and stray kittens. She cares for them and assumes the motherly position. Yes, this is an unusual friendship, but it works.

Her owners are convinced that Rosie remembers how Lilo saved her life and now wishes to help others.

It doesn’t get any cuter or more beautiful than this! If you liked this story, please share it with your friends and family, and don’t forget to watch the video.




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